Murray Rountree 25th Memorial Regatta

This major anniversary of the Murray Rountree Memorial Trophy comes around so quickly
it seems. It feels such a short time ago since a tragic motor accident took the life of this
Wellington Radio Yacht Club member and friend.

For me, this trophy, presented at the time to honour the life of Murray, has come to also
honour and remember those sailors, members and friends who have passed away over the
last twenty-five years. Max Lewis, Frank Brown, Peter Middleton and others whom I have
lost track of over the years.

Visitors from other clubs will have also lost their club member friends and comrades.
Everyone, please, take a minute or two to remember their names and faces, and some of
the wonderful times you spent together, enjoying this sport, their company and
companionship. Those memories must be treasured because they can never be repeated.

Now is the time to make new memories and new friends. Competing in this regatta brings
together the current crop of keen sailors. Let us hope that in the fullness of time, when we
also pass on, we will be held with the same affection and high regard we hold those whom
we remember today, who have gone before us.

Sail hard, sail well, sail fair.
Ian Hull-Brown.
NZRYA Life member.