IOM Summer Regatta-Jan. 29 2017

The event today was the IOM Summer Regatta and was held at the Seaview Marina.
It would be fair to say that the weather was NOT a typical Wellington Summers day.
It was cloudy with northerly winds averaging about 27km/h with gusts up to 68km/h, of consequence ‘B’ rig was the suit of the day.
It was great to see Mike Garden take the lead and finish with first place –well done Mike.
The Race Officer for this event was Ron Perry–many thanks Ron

Skipper Sail No. Score Placing
Mike Garden 59 7 1
John McPherson 42 10 2
Ed Schmidt 38 16 3
David Ross 54 24 4
Len Wilmer 142 36 5
Darrell Blewett
Russell Tulloch
Tim Hills