Summer AC15 Match Racing Results

Sunday April 16 we staged Day 4 of the Summer Series AC15 Match Racing. What a mixed day it was. We had rain (just a bit), a strong enough southerly that we seriously considered using the ‘C’ rig, ¬†brilliant sunshine, ¬†a periodic change to a light northerly, little or no wind and back to a southerly–a real mixture. We eventually decided to make use of the ‘B’ rig and we stuck to this rig regardless of the conditions. David van der Plas soon took the lead and once again showed his prowess, in accommodating all the conditions. Well done David.
The racing was overseen by Ron Perry, the Race officer for the day – thank you Ron.

Day 4 Results

SKIPPER SAIL No Series Score Placing Day 4
David van der Plas 09 44 1 14
Darell Blewett 06 22 4 10
Ed Schmidt 07 24 3 12
Ron Perry 05 30 2 12