AC15 Match Racing Results July 2

‘The event staged at Seaview Marina on Sunday July 2 was Day 1 of the Winter series AC15 Match Racing.
The marina was like a mill pond when we arrived with a very light northerly ‘draft’, fortunately the tide was in and the ‘draft’ made sailing the AC15’s almost possible–believe me, if the tide had been out, we would have been obliged to wait and see what happened. However, by the time we had set up, the ‘draft’ had improved, but was very  irregular, and it stayed like that until ‘knock off time’.
We had a light shower about mid-afternoon, and thereafter it came out with brilliant sunshine.
The sailing was difficult and all boats performed about the same sailing wise, as you can imagine the smallest error or mis-judgement and you got left behind. As usual, we finished off with a couple of Fleet Races, followed by a great ‘chin wag’.



                                       Winter Series Day 1



FLIGHT 1                   FLIGHT 2                   FLIGHT 3                   FLIGHT 4

D Blewett      1          R Perry      3          D van der Plas     1    D Blewett      1

D van der Plas          3         Ed Schmidt       1           Ed Schmidt       3           R Perry          3


FLIGHT 5                  FLIGHT 6                 FLIGHT 7                  FLIGHT 8

D van der Plas   3         D Blewett         1         Ed Schmidt       3           D Blewett         1

R Perry              1          Ed Schmidt       3           R Perry            1           D van der Plas 3


FLIGHT 9                   FLIGHT 10                 FLIGHT 11                 FLIGHT 12

R Perry                        3          D van der Plas          3           Ed Schmidt     1           R Perry             3

D Blewett      1          E Schmidt       1           D Blewett       3           D van der Plas 1



D Blewett                  8

D van der Plas          14

R Perry                     14

E Schmidt                 12


The results shown are final. After completing many ‘count backs’ the 2 first place getters could not be separated.