AC15 Fleet Racing

They say that good luck comes if you wait long enough.  Sunday December 9 we held the last event of the year,  AC15 Fleet Racing, and it was held at Whitby Lake. Real sunburn conditions, with withering northerly. Only 4 skippers turned up, David was on leave (over seas somewhere) Ed wasn’t going to turn up, but did, then found his radio gear wasn’t going to cooperate so he quit, before he started! That Darrell, Ron and Les to battle it out. Both Ron and Darrell started off well then we had a ‘tuning stop’ which caused Les to  get into gear, and we could NOT make an impression on him. He finished with 3 wins  and 2 seconds. Well done Les.  (you have to give us some of your secrets).

2D Blewett83132122
3R Perry124213343
1L McGhie74421211