Summer Series IOM Fleet Racing Day 1

Sunday January 27 we held Day 1 of the Summer Series  IOM Fleet Racing, at Lake Whitby. In the morning we  had brief showers which slowly cleared. And it did clear, with a good ‘A’ rig northerly with light gusts, and very hot sun. A good fleet of 8 skippers in attendance. Ed and John did very well but the rest of the fleet had varying successes. Wayne  surprised us all with his success with his new rig, it took a while to get the settings right, but once that happened, he was off, well done.

IOM Fleet Racing – Summer Series 27 January 2019 – Day 1

2J McPherson142     V8101131252
1E Schmidt79     V882214111
6M Garden159     V8328363579
7R McDermott2MX14344579666
3D Blake93V5263425399
5D Blewett74V5285948425
4B Kerr38V5287652744
8W Rowland99V5366997832