End of year AC15 Fleet Racing event – Well Done Ed!

15 Dec 2019 – Today we staged the Annual AC15 Fleet Racing event.  The event was to
be last weekend but the weather was against us, so today was the day 
The venue chosen for the event was the Whitby Lake. So we made an early
start (10.30 AM) so as to not disturb the IOM skippers,who started at
their tuning and training at 1.30PM. It was a cool start with a blustery
northerly, too much for the ‘A’ rig so the ‘B’ rig was chosen. The gusts
did cause some problems with all boats at some stage or another, in fact
race 3 only 1 skipper completed the course.
The event was won by Ed, but he didn’t have it easy by any means.
At 3.00Pm we all knocked off and retreated to the Co-Op (Bar) where the
annual prize-giving took place.