Racing programme January-June 2017

             Racing Programme-January 1 to June 26, 2017                           January                    Event                                               Race Officer           Location      Wk                                             1     1     INFORMAL. Own arrangements                                                                                   2    8       IOM Summer Day 1                                  Russell Tulloch                                 11     No Club Meeting in January                                                                                                      3   15      AC15 Summer Day 1                                Darrell Blewett                        4   22       All Class H/C […]

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Winners of IOM, AC15, and All Class Handicap for the 2016 Racing Season

IOM FLEET RACING Summer Regatta:  John McPherson Autumn Regatta:   John McPherson Winter Regatta:      John McPherson Spring Regatta:    Mike Garden Summer Series:   Ed Schmidt Winter Series:      John McPherson ALL CLASS HANDICAP Summer Series:    Darrell Blewett Winter Series:      John McPherson AC15 MATCH RACING Summer Series:     Ron Perry Winter Series:   […]

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AC15 Winter Day 4 – Results

On Sunday 2nd October 2016, Day 4 of the Winter Series AC15 Match Racing was held. The rain that had predominated over the last couple of days cleared by midday. The wind turned out to be a fickle northerly which had all of us guessing at times. Ron showed his ability very early on, and finished with only one loss. […]

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