Day 2 AC15 Winter Series

Sailing on Sunday was match racing with Ron, Darrell, Ed and Dave.   We decided to sail with B rigs as the wind conditions looked as if it was going to increase, however the wind conditions dropped and became a very pleasant day’s sailing.   One yacht had radio gear issues so we shared the 3 AC15s amongst 4 sailors, […]

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Day 2 of the IOM Winter Series

Day 2 of the Winter handicap (without the handicaps) series saw little wind again this week. . Light winds are a good leveler and no respecter of age and design of boat which gave some very close racing for all competitors, as the results attest to.  Well done John and Dave with only 0.1 of point between them.    

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IOM Spring Regatta

Today we held the IOM spring Regatta  at Seaview Marina. The conditions where very trying- –really gusty Northerly, ‘B’ rig. The gusts had a few of us guessing. Once again the V8’s did not have it all their own way with Russell  giving them a good run for their money. Good on ya Russell.  Pity Darrell didn’t get into gear.Dave […]

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