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Useful Links and Downloads:

Racing Programme and Notes:

Download The Racing Programme to Jan to June 2019 (Open in MS Word)

Download the Notes to the Racing 2019 Programme (Open in MS Word)

Download The Racing Programme to July to Dec 2018 (Open in MS Word)

Download the Notes to the 2018 Racing Programme (Open in MS Word)

Score Sheets:

Download Match Racing Score Sheet (Open in MS Word)

New 2019 Score Sheet (Open in MS Excel)

Fleet Racing Score Sheet (Open as a PDF)

Boat Stand:

Download Plans for an IOM Yacht Stand (Open as a PDF)


New Zealand Radio Yachting Association:

Visit the New Zealand Radio Yachting Association Web Site

Radio Control and Electronics Tips & Info:

Robbe Operating Instructions for NiMH Batteries (Open as a PDF)

More On Batteries (Open in Microsoft Word)

Racing Rules:

Racing Rules Flash Cards (Open as a PDF)

Visit: Sailing Racing Rules Web Site

Visit: Play by The Rules by Uli and Wolfi FinckhEnglish by Al Schonborn


Visit the NZRYA Suppliers Web Page

Tuning Tips:

WRYC Facebook:

Visit the WRYC Facebook Page