Useful Links

Useful Links and Downloads in Alphabetical Order:

Boat Stand:

Download Plans for an IOM Yacht Stand (Open as a PDF)



New Zealand Radio Yachting Association:

Visit the New Zealand Radio Yachting Association Web Site

Radio Control and Electronics Tips & Info:

Robbe Operating Instructions for NiMH Batteries (Open as a PDF)

More On Batteries (Open in Microsoft Word)

Racing Programme and Notes:

Download the the Racing Programme to June 2018 (Open in Microsoft Word)

Download the Notes to the Racing Programme (Open in Microsoft Word)

Racing Rules:

Racing Rules Flash Cards (Open as a PDF)

Visit: Sailing Racing Rules Web Site

Visit: Play by The Rules by Uli and Wolfi FinckhEnglish by Al Schonborn

Score Sheets:

Download Match Racing Score Sheet (Open in Microsoft Word)

Fleet Racing Score Sheet (Open as a PDF)


Visit the NZRYA Suppliers Web Page

Tuning Tips:


WRYC Facebook:

Visit the WRYC Facebook Page