Summer Series – All Class Handicap

Sunday January 20, we held the first race day for 2019, All Class Handicap Summer Series. Bit of a disappointment with the attendance, but it was to be expected at this time of the year. The conditions were also a bit of a shock, would have been a very lazy event at 1.00 PM, none or very little wind, but by the time 1.15 arrived it was a very definite ‘B’ rig. almost a ‘C’ rig. John and  Dave managed to ‘get it all together’ very quickly, whereas Mike and Darrell struggled for most of the racing. Mike came right eventually, and Darrell retired at the start of the final race. Well done John for winning the event and congratulations to Dave for giving the V8’s a run for their money.

1J McPherson42V8831121.412
2M Garden159V8131423521
3D Blake93V5122231133
4D Blewett74V5214344245