Summer Series All Class Handicap – Day 3

Despite the weather, on Sunday 17 March we held Day 3 of the Summer Series All Class Handicap. Prior to the commencement of racing it was a steady southerly, ideal for ‘A’ rigs. Unfortunately during the first countdown, the wind ceased and we ended up with a shortened course of only 2 laps. It was a good test of patience. Dave managed to master the crazy shifts in wind and won the day with a considerable lead. It was  great to see Grant on the water again after a long break, we hope to see him more often.

Day 3 Summer Series All Class Handicap – Results

4E Schmidt79V8254662529
4R McDermott2MX14252377175
5G Buchan65V8266744237

7R Tulloch693 Dogs349896641
1D Blake93V5111125313
3W Rowland99V5239231764
2D Blewett74V5225517452
6B Kerr38V5303453996