All Class Handicap Summer Series Day 4 – Results

Sunday April 14, despite the forecast conditions, we ran Day 4 of the Summer Series Handicap. The predicted conditions were for ‘increased southerlies winds but fine?’ In fact there were relatively calm spells (almost ‘A’ rig) with gusts that, in my mind were definitely ‘C’ rig. As expected, there were a few casualties through breakages of some sort. There was only 1 skipper that used his ‘C’ rig and he managed to take a third placing, well done Russell. David came a very close second, with John taking top position. The event was managed by Wayne, thank you Wayne.’

All Class Handicap Summer Series Day 4 Results

1J McPherson42V881111153
8E Schmidt79V85378810101010
4 McDermott2MX14234725246

3R Tullock693 Dogs183353432
5 B Kerr38V5256562624
2D Blake93V5152444311
7D Blewett74V5408237101010
6L Greenx345676565