Porirua Invitational held at Whitby

Whitby McPherson Invitational

I set up a rain shelter and before I had finished the Wellie team started rocking in. Also before I could finish the build, the sky’s opened up again and it started to rain hard… Dam. With shelter built and an extra mark thrown in the lake to give us a starting gate mid course, we were off racing in mid, to top, A rig conditions.

Generally a slightly Starboard bias start with everyone jockeying for the boat end. The wind was a left / right moving around every 20 seconds. A little more regularly at the top mark as you got closer to the houses. The spreader then down past the fountain middle of the downwind. Either inside or outside or threw… Bottom mark spreader then on lap two. Great course. Loved it J

3pm and dripping wet. Happy bunch of sailors called it for the day.