International 1 Metre Class


(A small fast yacht which planes readily downwind.)

These yachts have strict limitations on the rig design but have very few restrictions on hull shape other than the minimum weight (4.0kg) and the maximum hull length of one metre. In the 1 Metre class you will see many different hull shapes. These yachts are sailed to the same rule all over the world with world championships held annually. One such World Championship was held in Wellington (and run by the WYRC) in 1997, with a fleet of 60 yachts. Competitive second hand 1 Metre yachts typically change hands for between $500 and $3000 for the leading edge international versions. One of our members (Mike Garden) builds a leading edge model that has won the NZ Championship. Building your own yacht from scratch is encouraged within the rules and some boats have built for quite minimal cost by those with the skill and patience to do so.

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